Thursday, September 14, 2006


An update on Ivy's first week of school: after that first day of (understandable) reluctance to ride the bus, a week later Ivy is already a veteran. The next morning she was as determined, but this time there was no turning back -- she marched right up and rode to school. Since then she's done full days at school, riding the bus both ways and she's quite proud of her independence. (Sidenote: this reminds me of the fascinating photo Ang posted of Em on the bus last year)

We ply her with endless questions when she returns each day, and she quickly tires of going over the minutia of Kindergarten life. One of the ongoing storylines is the total divide between boys and girls in the class. At five years old!

One day this week, Ivy had asked a gang of boys whether girls were allowed on top of the playground equipment, and they had said, "yes, but only two". It sounds like they've already learned that she completely ignores the call for no girls allowed, after some previous altercations. So Ivy's response was to go round up a half-dozen girls to storm their citadel and utterly rebuke the two-girl rule.


Anonymous said...

HA! That's awesome! That was totally me in my elementary years - putting the boys in their place, and not being afraid to stand up for myself. It helped that I could run faster than them too.

Jeremy said...

Funny how the ability to run fast is so important in elementary school, eh? I remember Tony, a kid in my brother's grade who coined a phrase in Grade 2 that you had to say in a wicked Menno drawl for accuracy: "Shaaaron runs sooo slooow." Poor Sharon -- what chance does a kid have in Grade 2 if you can't run fast?

Myron said...

Feel free to send Ivy for some training with the Faulder Militia. If she were to 'pack heat', there would probably be less than two boys who cared to be anywhere near the equipment.

Jeremy said...

It sounds to me like she's holding her own without military backup...but let me get back to you when she's 13.