Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ella Pearl

Our baby girl turns three today. She seems to have been leaving the terrible twos behind for a month or so, but today makes it official, I think. She's a dear child with a gentle soul, hilarious spirit and a bit of history of birthdays already:

I think she was one day old in this photo. So tiny, and probably still in shock at being thrust into the outside world.

On her first birthday, she was still as interested in the wrapping paper and box as the toys inside; not really understanding the whole birthday thing, but getting excited about everything anyway.

Last year, she really did understand that it was her special day and she embraced the proceedings.

This morning, she was keenly aware that she was going to have princess-level privileges all day. We had pancakes for a treat and she opened her presents, all of which seemed to be a hit (mostly Lego, which she's stoked about right now, and this doll-snuggli thing in the photo). Happy birthday, Ella Pearl.

Update: A few photos from later in the day (and the next day when the party continued at Cozy Bay and at home with friends later) -- Ella opening presents and so happy listening to us sing to her.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ella!

Grandma Pearl & Papa Larry said...

You are a princess, Ella Pearl. How exciting to see you being born and seeing how big you are now! Have fun girl. Love you.

Shane and Nicole said...

I love the layout of the 4 pics you put together of Ella's birthday! Did you do that through Flickr or on another program? I've been trying to figure out how to do it myself since I've seen it on a few blogs as of late, but don't know how. Can you help?

Jeremy said...

Hi Nicole. I just do it in a photo/drawing program like Photoshop (I just tried it in MS Paint, and that seems to work ok too), by starting with a new blank picture and then simply copying and pasting in the resized original photos side-by-side, then save it and upload it like you normally would.