Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I used to think Halloween was pretty dumb. Now I get to see how stoked the kids get and their enthusiasm is rubbing off on me to the point where I look forward to Halloween already. Last night we carved our jack-o-lanterns. Ivy and Tannis scooped seeds and offered design advice, Ella fell asleep, and I did most of the carving. I was most proud of the sad one, which ended up (unintentionally, I'm afraid) reminding me of a sort of Haida look. Anyway, these will be decorating our place for the annual Hiebert Halloween party tonight.

One morning last week after I dropped Ivy off at school (in character as Limo Driver James, of course), I stopped at Blossom Fruit Stand and bought a bunch of autumn goodies: amazing apples, pears and 10 pounds of local red grapes that Tannis turned into wonderful jam. The people who own the stand are super nice and said I was welcome to wander around the farm if I wanted, so I snapped a couple of photos -- pumpkin watchers and some forgotten corn.

Last week Tannis also got a great shot of Ella running full-speed down a path at the Ornamental Gardens. Although she's wearing short sleeves there on Friday, yesterday morning our warm weather finally broke and we woke up to minus five, with a high of plus five. The cooler weather has apparently kick-started my riding season again, sending me bundling up and out into the hills.

Halloween Update: I took a bunch of photos from the party and trick-or-treating later on...
  • Ivy's costume and her candy haul
  • All five kids laid their loot out on the floor when they got back
  • The Hiebert and Hildebrand girls patiently waiting for a door to open, ready to yell their request...I think Elijah got elbowed out before he could get in position.
  • We're in a nice area for trick-or-treating with little kids, because we can hit 20 or 30 townhouses in half an hour. Some people go all out with the decorations and jack-o-lanterns.
  • We've got an old-folks home across the street, and they sent out flyers letting us know that they'd be accepting trick-or-treaters. It was a bit surreal -- kids had to walk the gauntlet between the band and the assembled masses of seniors, as if they were the real entertainment.
  • It ended up being a wonderful night with our best Summerland friends and my folks -- a nice warm vibe, with lots of fun and celebration.


Bee said...

It's fun to follow these celebrations when you have small kids - they bring back lots of memories and feelings. My kids are probably your age now :-)

I noticed this link to the Haida Art. Way back in the 70's, I visited the South of Alaska (Sitka, Baranoff Island and Glacier Bay) and was so impressed by the Tlingit and Haida art that I decided that I wanted to become an anthropologist. Somehow it didn't work at the time, but the flame is still burning.

Just sharing another story out in cyberspace.
Warm regards from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Whoah! Stellar Pumpkins!

Develo said...

Good job on them pumpkins Jer. Did you roast the seeds afterwards? They always smelled better than they tasted as a kid.

I'm thinking Halloween must be an American phenomenon, as I haven't heard anything about it down under.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, "pumpkin watchers" is a fabulous photo - so aptly named. I love it!

Jeremy said...

Thanks for dropping in, Bee. I'm a total closet anthropologist too, I think. Maybe in another life?

Jeremy said...

Thx, Lesa. I had fun with these ones.

Jeremy said...

Thx, Greg. Yes, we roasted the seeds -- Tannis came up with a method for them that results in a pretty tasty snack.

Ang said...

Awesome running Ella photo, Tannis.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, I love that running photo too. Someone on Flickr also commented on its quality.