Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Can't believe it's getting to be the middle of October already. This photo was from one of Tan's swims on the weekend, and we were back in the water late this afternoon. We keep thinking it will be the last warm day, but the forecast has been consistently underestimating the temperature for weeks, and it's been 6-8 degrees warmer than normal. A few random bits from the last while that I keep forgetting:
  • We had lunch at the Gasthaus in Peachland on the weekend before meeting Barb and Laurel for a walk and lounge at Antler's Beach. Ivy and Ella (feeling silly) were in their glory -- it was a perfect sparkly fall day, everyone was happy and mellow, and the food at the Gasthaus was excellent.
  • I've been riding sporadically, enjoying the cooler weather as often as I can, and apparently never taking the camera. I did a couple of long rides in the area south of Summerland with Kevin (ran into four bears in one ride), and an outstanding ride up to the top of McDougal Rim with Nate...occasionally still going up Giant's Head, too. Even got to ride with Tannis last weekend when Dad took the girls out for lunch.
  • Took a few artsy-fartsy photos: feather, jay, praying mantis (ok, maybe not artsy, but pretty cool creature), leaf and sandals
  • The girls have been loving these last beach days: swinging into the sky, Ella playing, Ivy the alligator and Ivy's fort.
  • Mom and Dad made us the hugest, yummiest Thanksgiving feast. Dave and Lucille joined us too, and we enjoyed good wine, good eats and good conversation. Mom gave us the garden tour and we admired the late bouquet.
  • I've been hiking with the girls a fair bit. Ella was so enthusiastic, claiming she wants to go every day, even though stopping for a snack seems to be the main attraction for her.


Tannis said...

For the record, I don't think I took a single picture from this set.

Jeremy said...

I think that's true. I separated yours into that last post, even though most of the events appear in both...oh well.

Ang said...

What a little beauty Ivy is the restaurant!

Mom Pearl said...

Both of you, what great memories on these entries. I love the pictures of both girls at the restaurant, but the first Ella pic is great! Could just squeeze her!