Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Vancouver Getaway

Tannis and I left the girls with my folks this weekend and headed for the big city. Although we went exclusively to hang out with people, I apparently didn't get a single worthy photo of any friends; judging by the photos I did take, I mostly got up close and personal with various starfishes, rocks and leaves. But anyway, some highlights for posterity:
  • Arrived Friday evening and stayed up late, polishing off a few bottles of fine wine with Mark and Joel (check out his art and clips from his film, which keeps winning prizes all over the world) and ordering pizza later when we got hungry. They're excellent hosts, and went out with Tannis for breakfast and shopping the next day while...
  • I explored Jericho Beach in the morning, marvelling at how clear the water was, and snapping photos of insignificant wonders like seaweed, sailboats, flat rocks, and just generally experiencing my usual prairie-boy awe at getting to be near the ocean.
  • Cassandra and David made me a gourmet brunch at their place later and we gabbed for four hours without interruption. Fantastic conversationalists -- covered all sorts of deep territory -- family, love, lifestyle, faith, and fun.
  • Later in the afternoon, we hit MEC to stock up on some bike stuff for me. Insane store, and ridiculously busy. Took this photo of the wonderful foliage on the side street next to it.
  • Angelo and Esther were our gracious hosts for the rest of Saturday, starting with me and Joe catching up with a few beers while the girls shopped and walked the Commercial strip. We took the bus to Gastown for an excellent beer-and-supper session in the backroom at The Irish Heather, then walked through downtown in the fog, ending up in Yaletown before cabbing back to their place for a nitecap...complete with 1am macaroni and cheese and custom popcorn prepared lovingly by Angelo (sorry, bad in-joke). Loads of laughs and good times with great old friends.
  • The Hope-Princeton Highway was gorgeous on the drive home, with the autumn leaves pretty much at their colourful peak. We stopped at Bromley Rock to stretch our legs and I took a few photos: perhaps the namesake rock(?), a leaf floating by, and Tannis exploring the beach.


Heather said...

Sounds like a great time! Afraid they won't let me on a plane anymore to make the trek to Vancouver.

Jeremy said...

You're in the home stretch, aren't you? Exciting. Next time you guys come out, you'll have someone new to show off.

Heather said...

Yes, the count down is on (19 days until the due date)! Can't wait to show off our new little person! You guys are on our call list.

Ang said...

Too jealous to comment at this time. I like Vancouver weekends too.

Jeremy said...

It is super fun, isn't it, Ang? I wish (with some time and money magic, perhaps) we could go more often so it didn't always feel so rushed.