Wednesday, November 15, 2006


When I was dropping Ivy off at school today, I overheard one of the moms talking while getting her son changed into his inside shoes. As she got up to leave, her parting words fascinated me (and stuck in my head). She didn't say, "be good" or "have fun" or "have a great day" like I did without thinking. Her advice for the day was much wiser:
"Make good choices."


Jackie said...

"Make good choices"

I love that!


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool. I'm going to remember that one.

Cyn said...

Now you have me saying it.

Garth said...

Hmmm - make good choices eh? Well, we chose to go riding on the opening day of hunting season for rednecks with rifles...maybe not a good choice but we wore blaze orange - and apparently that was a good choice! I may have to use that slogan on our daughter Chels when taking her to preschool!

Anonymous said...

Nice one.

Jeremy said...

Interesting follow-up on this one -- the son was actually a daughter, Cassandra, who has become Ivy's best friend at school. Her mom, Sharon, is indeed a wise one.