Friday, November 24, 2006

Stream of Consciousness

  • Sore hamstrings and back from carrying every possession in the past few days.
  • Driving along Okanagan Lake this morning with the ridges around Crystal Mountain frosted white in the sunshine, Achtung Baby providing the soundtrack.
  • Office potluck that was actually exceptionally good.
  • Waking up on Jones Flat Road in total silence, and wandering out to look at the lake out the dining room window.
  • Thinking of Plett carrying his son around his house in Rosenort, trying to get him to sleep.
  • Liking the idea of RCU paying us interest every month instead of us paying them interest.
  • Summerland's light-up festival tonight, with snow lightly falling, thousands of people wandering along main street, eating popcorn and cinnamon-rollkuchen, bumping into the woman who just bought our townhouse and having her thank us heartily (for what?), watching the fireworks from the sunporch and the girls covering their ears for the loud bangs (two miles away).
  • Hosting Lorne and Nada here at Bill's where we first met them two years ago
  • Talking to Bill on the phone, asking him how to light his fireplace, and having him ask, "where are you standing" as he had a hard time picturing us in his house
  • Cooking on Bill's gas stove reminds me of living in Buster (our 1960's homebuilt motorhome) years ago. I know gas is the preferred cool thing in cookery, but I can't say I like it yet.
  • Listening to the echoes of Ivy crying and saying "goodbye house" as if we were euthanizing her puppy or something.
  • Feeling out of synch with my friends near and far, hoping it's a seasonal thing.
  • Seeing the identical skinned knuckles on a co-worker who also moved this week. I always injure myself moving.
  • Thinking about my thesis advisor's advice that I should switch back to coursework.
  • Pondering more travel to L.A. in a couple of weeks, San Francisco in January, North Dakota (!?) in February.


Anonymous said...

i thought that i was the only one that still listened to achtung baby(ok besides esther). good background music is always the key to a good day.

Anonymous said...


Jeremy said...

Nah, all true U2 fans acknowledge the supremacy of Achtung, silly...

I didn't realize you were one of us.
: )