Monday, December 11, 2006

City of Angels

I kinda doubt that I'll ever actually get to properly writing up an account of this trip, so here's the set of photos mostly unencumbered by words: Los Angeles Trip, December 2006.

Great weekend spent cycling all over this insane city, covering close to 50 miles, I think. But I'm missing the girls (yes, Tan's one of the girls) like crazy and ready to come home. A few more days yet.


Tannis said...

wow. there are a lot of great photos in there, good thing you took the camera!

Angelo said...

You rented a bicycle to get around L.A.?! The locals must think you're nuts. Looks like you had a good time, though. Probably saw a few things most visitors, (and few locals), ever get close enough to see.

Funny, I took the same photo of the Hollywood Center Motel, framed in the exact same way. Also spent some time in the Cat & Fiddle courtyard. Kind of surreal to imagine being there together.

The one thing I miss about L.A., especially during these interminable grey Vancouver winters, is that irrepressible sunshine. Enjoy.

tfoxfan said...


I love the tone of that collection of pics. You've really got a good feel for the zaniness of the city. It grew on me each day I was there.

Glad you're getting outta the car and into the city scene, street by street.

Any star sightings?

Jeremy said...

Esther, exactly as I opened up your comment, The Foo's eternal classic Everlong came on the indie rock station I was listening to on the shitty hotel clock radio...and it still sounded awesome.

Glad you enjoyed the photos...I extra-value the compliment coming from you, as I always admire your photographic eye. Which reminds me that I was going to pester you to start a photo blog.

Considering where I am, I'm a bit embarrassed at my total pop-culture cluelessness. I saw many glamourous star-type-looking people on my travels, but wouldn't have had any idea who they were even if they were famous. And then at the Cat & Fiddle I saw a dude that I knew was famous, but still had no idea who he was. Duh.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Tan. Yeah, I was totally glad that I brought it...hope you weren't too deprived without it.

On the topic, I went to Toys R Us last night and found out that the Fisher Price camera is completely sold out here...hence the eBay auctions having it at double the retail price. Oh well...

Jeremy said...

Angelo, hilarious that we both took that same photo. Perhaps I've seen yours and subconsciously recreated it? It does have a cool vibe that stands out amid the newer and flashier things around it.

And we were both drawn to the Cat & Fiddle? Bizarre...I must have almost stopped at a dozen other places in Hollywood before circling back and returning to that one because it interested me most. I loved it -- 650ml bottles of New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale...yummmmm.

The sunshine has been good for my homesick soul; no question. And yes, the locals (at least the ones at the office) do think I was nuts to pedal all over L.A.. Even after explaining the benefits, they mostly just shook their heads and mumbled something like, "but you could do the same thing with a car...", actually not.

Anonymous said...

As I said in the Flickr comments, the entire collection is phenomenal. I only wish we could hear a little more on the tale that went with the pictures.

Maybe for this trip?

Jeremy said...

Thanks again, Jay. No such luck on this trip -- I travelled very light and left the camera at home this time because I knew I'd just be working the whole time. Ugh.