Friday, December 08, 2006

El Carmen

So surreal to fly from snow and ice to 80 degrees in L.A. in December. It's just not that far away, but so, so different. Long work day, then tonight: Christmas Lights, Tequila and Wrestlers - El Carmen...see the hangover guide and yelp reviews for a portrait of the place. I was such an exuberant tourist, I bought a t-shirt (photos forthcoming). Building a bar around the theme of Mexican Wrestling Masks wouldn't seem like a winner, but trust me. Awesome. Co-worker Keith's slogan for the evening: "Take the fun" -- it made sense at the time.

And when we were killing time at The Grove earlier on (an extravagently odd outdoor theme-park mall in West Hollywood with pedestrian walkways and posh shops), standing near "the world's largest Christmas tree" and Santa's impressive shrine, there was a loud, gonging bell which signified the dumping of fake snow over the assembled masses standing near palm trees wrapped in Christmas lights. It was a sort of soapy foam that was surprisingly convincing, yet so artificial as to be irritating...until I saw two little Californian kids chasing "snowflakes" with pure joy on their cherubic faces.


Tannis said...

That sounds like a full-on alternate universe from where I am.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, if there could be a direct opposite to sleepy Summerland in winter, it would be here last night.

Anonymous said...

How cool! Sounds amazing!

And happy birthday Tannis! :)

Ang said...

um, yeah, what Tannis said.
Thanks so much for blogging this stuff, the photos were a real treat.

Jeremy said...

Thank you...and you're welcome.