Thursday, January 18, 2007

Injured Reserve

I've been playing hockey again in the last couple of weeks. Last year I didn't play much because the mountain biking season went pretty much right through the winter, but this year I haven't been able to ride off-road since the end of November -- that's never happened since I've been here. It's dumping snow again today, too. Anyway, getting back into hockey has been super fun, but the other night I flew into the boards backwards at speed, taking most of the impact on my right shoulder, neck and noggin. Still pretty sore two days later.


Tannis said...

Nothing like taking one for the team your first time out. I waited until my last time on the ice for the season.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, I wish it I could say that had been a sacrificial move in a spectacular play, diving to save a goal or break up an odd-man rush...but my skating was so bad that I just totally wiped myself out at speed. Or so I hear...I don't remember exactly how it happened. Duh.

Anonymous said...

I could see that happening when missing a check but perhaps you watched your Canucks too much. Since their Swedes never go into the corners you were lost out there yourself and I guess accidents happen. Yeah I know they are finally doing pretty well now, not much I can say about that.
I miss playing hockey this year more than last, wish I still had my gear, I think I'd start again.

Jeremy said...

HA HA...Jean, I laughed my ass off reading your comment. I was supposed to be working at the time, so Tannis walked in to the office see what all the noise was about. That said, I feel compelled to offer a short rebuttal.

I assume your shot was aimed at the Canucks' underperforming (and overpaid) captain, but Vancouver's best Swede is traditionally a 6'2" 220-lb defenceman named Mattias Ohlund. The guy just totally punishes people in the corners, and as I'm also a defenceman, he is my main inspiration on the team.

It may also be hard to like the Swedish Sedin twins, but they don't shy away from the corners either -- in fact it often seems like all they ever do is pass it around in the corners. Even their diehard fans get sick of seeing them cycle the puck endlessly.

Just for fun, I thought I might also point out that the Canucks absolutely crushed your Habs last week. I'm sure you were already aware of that fact, but repeating it seems necessary. Oh, and Luongo got the shutout after getting no sleep the night before.

You should gear up again -- why not come out of retirement and begin a Rocky-Balboa-like comeback attempt?

Anonymous said...

I went for a 10k cross-country ski jaunt yesterday with skis that have not been waxed for the last 6 years, you can only imagine how my shoulders feel right now. I think playing hockey would be even worse. I am determined to be more active as far as exercise is concerned so for now cross-country skiing will have to do, but I have to do it at least three times a wekk and get my equipment in shape. Yeah I forgot about Ohlund, I was actually referring to those twins, overpaid, just cycle the puck, never would throw a check unless it's from behind and yes it was awful that game against Montreal, hopefully they are on the rebound now. Actually the Canucks farm club here, the Moose are also doing pretty good unfortunately I only have been to one game this year, but cannot believe how fast it is now, much better than all the hooking there was before.

Jeremy said...

Sounds excellent -- I've had cross-country skiing on my to-do list for way too long. I bet you'll be plenty sore...I'm still hurting almost a week after the hockey mishap.

I'd love to see a couple of Moose games -- I've heard the new arena is amazing, too. Also, I actually like the Habs, but still relished the Canucks victory. I won't quibble with your characterization of the Sedins.