Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vancouver Weekend

We drove down to Vancouver on fairly short notice this weekend. Got a "deal" on a fancy shmancy hotel downtown with a year-round outdoor pool -- the hotel ended up being a bit of a disappointment, but maybe our expectations were too high. Anyway, the roads were ok and the kids travelled reasonably well. I took a very small set of mostly bad photos, but I thought I'd keep a few notes of the highlights as well:
  • Always great to see Mark and Joel, even if it is a short visit
  • Great swim with the girls for most of Saturday morning, then off to Bill's place for lunch
  • The Vancouver Aquarium is truly awesome. The girls were in heaven.
  • Sam's birthday party was total chaos, but in a good way. It was excellent to connect with Rose again and we stayed late because it was hard to leave.
  • Coffee at Re-Entry with Bill and Sam, and checked out the organic grocery where Rose works in the nifty South Main
    neighbourhood where she lives.
  • Angelo and Esther picked out (and met us at) Cafe Deux Soleils for a fabulous brunch -- too short a visit with dear friends, as always.
  • And then home we went, stopping only for gas and ice cream in chilly Princeton.


Shane and Nicole said...

What are you talking about ... mostly bad pictures?! Those ones of the jelly fish and other animals are amazing!

Jeremy said...

I did like the jellyfish shots, too. Unfortunately, I missed some good opportunities (sunset over English Bay because we were already late), and took mostly indoor flash shots that always look bad.

tfoxfan said...


The j-fish shot is stellar. I could have the worst day in the world and still be conviced that life is great just standing in front of the jellies.
- E

Jeremy said...

Thanks, E...I was seriously enchanted by those creatures. Hence me taking a dozen pictures over the whole weekend and having them mostly of jellyfish.