Monday, February 12, 2007

February Weather

After the longest "real" winter I've had in 11 years here -- meaning continuous snow and temps below freezing from late November to the end of January -- it's been warm since the groundhog saw his shadow. The snow is disappearing fast. Good riddance, I say.

I've been riding on the roads in anticipation of trails opening, including a 26km slog up to the Garnett Valley Dam on my trusty townie that unfortunately included slush and mud for at least six kilometers close to the reservoir, but I was just happy to be spinning pedals.

Mom and Dad took us out for my delayed birthday supper at Shaughnessy's after my ride, and the Hildebrands joined us later for a heap of Mom's obscenely good eclairs. Friday night was Ivy's first school dance. Seriously. I'm having a hard time seeing her as five when she seems 13 most of the time.

Feb. 16th Update: Really, nothing could be more dull than the weather, but I keep these things around because it helps me compare from year to year when I look back through the archives. Today felt like the first real day of spring, with a warm south breeze, sunshine, and CBC (and our thermometer in the shade) saying 12 degrees. At the end of summer that would feel awfully cool, but the girls were frolicking outside it their t-shirts like birds just freed from their cages.


Garth said...

We've been stuck in a freezer for the past three weeks and I think most Manitobans are either on holidays or their minds are. We have a glimpse of warmer weather this weekend apparently - it's even too cold to ski! My new wheels arrive in March and I'm hoping an incredible warm spell will get rid of our white stuff!

Jeremy said...

It sounded like you guys were getting a mellow winter until a few weeks ago -- let's hope this cold snap doesn't last. Tan's folks were very happy to be leaving for the the Dominican last week!

What new wheels are you getting? I thought you got a brand new bike last season already...