Sunday, March 04, 2007

Daddy-Daughter Weekend

Tannis took the bus down to Vancouver for a weekend getaway -- sounded like she had a blast with Bill, Rose, Mark and Esther (in that order, I think). So it was a Daddy-Daughter weekend around here, and we were ambitious (although my hands were apparently too full to take any photos):
  • The Hiebert grandparents kicked off the Daddy-Daughter weekend by taking care of the daughters while the daddy went snowboarding on Friday night, and then we all had a sleepover.
  • Pioneer Market in the morning for spudnuts and fresh bread.
  • We lounged and read in the kids' section at the downtown Kelowna library, an old favourite spot we haven't been to in a while.
  • Checked out the Kelowna Museum, which has a real hodgepodge of disconnected things, but the girls were totally into it.
  • Coffee at the Bean Scene, another old haunt. Surprisingly didn't run into Bean-Scene regular and ex-Rosenorter Malcolm.
  • We walked along the waterfront to the Kelowna Art Gallery, which turned out to be really fun. It's small, and didn't take long to see it all.
  • On the way back to the car, we popped in at the Art Ark, where I would have purchased Meghan Hildebrand's Playground for the Unwilling if I felt rich and could somehow justify the $1700. Yikes!
  • In the evening, back in Summerland, we hit the pool not knowing that it was "Tropical Swim Night" -- total, complete chaos with several hundred kids, games filling the pool deck, cold "rain" showering the overfull hot tub. My worst nightmare, but I toughed it out. Kids had fun, anyway.
  • Breakfast at Lorne and Nada's, house-clean-up in the afternoon, a hike at Hardy Falls, and then picked up Tannis in Westbank. Whirlwind!


Ang said...

So, you went and got yourself an 8,000 camera and just kind of forgot to tell us?
Just had a journey through your flicker and couldn't believe some of the things I saw!

Jeremy said...

Thanks Ang -- I'm lucky to have a supportive fan base of one for my photos.

I did break it to Tan this week that I'm going to start saving for a good digital SLR. Hopefully not $8,000 -- maybe more like $1,200.