Saturday, March 24, 2007

They Got One in South Patagonia

I want to live in los angeles
not the one in los angeles
no, not the one in south california
they got one in south patagonia
Not much to say about my most recent trip to LA a couple of weeks ago. It was a fast trip, all work and no play. I brilliantly forgot the key to the lock that keeps my bike "safe" in the office down from me being able to ride it, that is. I didn't really have time for exploring, so it didn't bum me out too much.

I did bring the camera, but only took a grand total of three boring photos, all within two minutes and a picturesque half-block of the fantastic diner we ate breakfast in every morning. Productive work week and fancy suppers and drinks every night. My beer gut would thrive while my liver pickled if I lived like that full time.

Flying in and out of Penticton is pure greatness, if for no other reason than it lets me route through Vancouver to hook up with Angelo, who has so far been willing to schlepp through wind and rain to meet me at the airport for beers, laughs and good grub.

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