Monday, April 23, 2007

Events Calendar

I keep forgetting to note some of the highlights of the things we've been doing lately, so it's a brain-dump post:
  • Lots of hanging out with the Duecks these last couple of weeks: breakfast at the Elite, pizza at their place to kick off the hockey playoffs, camp irons and a bike ride up there last night, and a bbq at our place last week that yielded a few great photos: Elijah going for the full commando dive and three kids on one tractor (I'll let Myron post the rest if he ever updates his blog again).
  • Lorne won tickets to the Penticton Fest of Ale and graciously took me along. Good times for a beer geek with a ridiculous number of breweries represented; standout stouts from Crannog and Winthrop Brewing were a highlight. Very large crowd of hip, young folk and a decent vibe overall.
  • Beer and burgers this friday with Lorne, Andrew and new-friend Peter. Lorne was Bachelor Boy, so we stayed up late and were still sitting in the hot tub at close to 2am.
  • Weather's been great, and we've been enjoying being outside on the yard. Mom invited us over to the Summerland Resort Saturday morning, where she was staying with her writer's group -- felt like a Mexican vacation lounging by the pool with Tannis and the kids. A few more photos from our Elite/Sunoka morning: window shopping after breakfast, Tannis pushing the girls on the swing (and captured from a distance), and a self-portrait showing my mop in all its "glory".
  • I've been loving this mountain biking season so far -- frequent short rides up Rattlesnake and occasionally Giant's Head, but I put in a couple of two-three hour rides lately -- top of Rebellion and top of Wildhorse mountain from the north side.
  • Fun date with Tannis yesterday for lunch -- walked over to the Cellar Door Bistro at Sumac Ridge for gourmet pasta and a nice chardonnay.
  • Work has been stupid crazy busy. I've been going into the office once a week, usually for a pub lunch with work buddies Jim and Mel or sushi with Russ.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is looking so lovely! We miss you guys! I keep telling Ryan I want to go out there soon, before James really starts to get mobile...

Jeremy said...

You'll have to lean on the big guy. I did pester him a little last week and he didn't automatically rule out an Okanagan tour...

Would be awesome to meet James. I think we could have good fun here together.