Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to It (The History of Headspacej: Part 1)

Four years ago I titled the first post, "What Do I Put in This Thing?", followed by a quick ode to Big Rock ales. Through the rest of that first week, I apparently enjoyed the Matrix Reloaded and proclaimed my love of mountain biking. Breaking news!

Allow me some reminiscing. I think September '03 was when the blog started to hit its stride, with the digital camera helping immensely in that regard. Just before Ella was born, and just after the big Kelowna fires. I was in a reflective space, and obviously had plenty of time to write.

Looking back through the years, trips to Winnipeg figure prominently, including weddings of old friends. It's been too long since I've been back.

Our move to Summerland was a biggie, well documented here ever since. During that time we were getting used to Ella, and my parental leave ended in February, starting my working life as a telecommuter. Spring '04 brought my new bike (not so new anymore) and the first blog birthday. By August of that summer, I was in a funk, and whined to the world. Maybe I was just bummed that we didn't buy the ski lodge.

Fall '04 saw me getting interested in Summerland politics and envisioning a world-class trail network. As winter set in, we had Tannis's Slow Food birthday party, biked/snowboarded/played hockey and attended the fateful Christmas party here at Bill's where we now live.

That brings us up the half-way point in this four-year journey through web memory. I'll have to continue another time when I'm not so sleepy. I love skimming back through the months and years and seeing the friends, events and milestones appearing alongside the mundane, thoughtful and silly things that come up. To me, it looks like the record of a life well lived -- thanks for sharing it with me.


Anonymous said...

Happy fourth birthday!

Chris said...

Happy birthday to the blog tat introduced me to a great Okanagan drinking buddy. Here's hoping our next rendevous isn't so far away.

Jeremy said...

Thanks! The main benefits of the blog(s) have been connections, both to old friends and new.