Thursday, May 10, 2007

Third Round

I figured out that the way to get 22 comments on the blog was to post about the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Looks like I did better with the second round, only blowing the call on San Jose beating Detroit, and both Anaheim and Ottawa won in five instead of the six I had predicted. I wasn't too disappointed to see the Canucks go down -- their season exceeded my expectations to the point where it was impossible to to bummed out about the ending to it.

Round three predictions:

Ottawa over Buffalo in 7 -- Buffalo has looked really good, but the Senators are playing so well, they'll deserve their trip to the final. Obviously, I'm cheering for Ottawa, and I'm hoping (and half-expecting) to see them pummel the winner of the Western Conference in the finals.

Anaheim over Detroit in 6 -- I wasn't that impressed with the Ducks against Vancouver, but it sounds like Detroit is pretty beat up. I'd like to see the Ducks in the final.


Anonymous said...

Fine, I'll play along. Don't feel too bad about picking San Jose. Detroit didn't win the series; the Sharks lost it. They had a two goal lead in three different games and could only get one win out of those. Joe Thornton would have to be tied for my favorite player (with Modano) but that screams for a leader to step up and do his job. Sometimes he has to carry a team on his back, but this time he had to grab his teammates by the shorthairs and start threatening them. I know Marleau is the captain, but if I was in that dressing room, my eyes and ears would be on mighty Joe.

My predictions will not change from the preseason, which is that the Ducks will beat Buffalo for the cup. It would not be manly to change my predictions now just because seven months have passed. That said, the Senators are the only team I have cheered for consistently over the last ten+ years and they are looking really good right now. Go Sens. You have my heart if not my head.

As for the Wings, they got first place in the conference beating up on the Blackhawks, Blues, and Blue Jackets. Put them in a different division and they would have gone into the playoffs as the six place team. They had twice the talent of the Flames and still needed six games to get past them, and needed a Senators vs Leafs style collapse from the Sharks to get this far.

First comment - isn't that awesome? What's my prize?

I know it sounds like I'm really caught up in the playoffs, but I'm actually spending every evening working on the yard. I catch some highlights at night and just make up the rest as I go. Suckers.

Develo said...

How about the Sens last night? That was a very convincing win for sure. Let's see if they break that bloody "losing the 2nd game of the series" curse.

I'd be interested to know if the rest of Canada is starting to get behind the only Canadian team left. I know that Wpg. did when the Flames and Oilers went to the final in the last few years. Of course, in the local media in Ottawa, I'm only getting the feedback from the Ottawa perspective. It would actually be nice to see what the rest of the country has to say, because we're getting little or no support in Ontario. If you're not a Leafs fan in these parts, you're a Habs fan. Toronto is actually stubborn enough to have a "anyone but Ottawa" mentality. What planet are these people on? Maybe it's the bitterness from having their Leafs get consistently trashed by the Sens year after year. Believe it or not, I continuously run into guys at work who go on and on about the big Leafs win in '67.

Jeremy said...

Plett, agreed on your San Jose analysis -- that would have been pretty disappointing if we had cared more about it. Somehow I've taken some pleasure in seeing the Ducks pull ahead of Detroit in the would have been hard to watch Detroit going into the finals.

Speaking of watching, I've watched portions of two games in the semis, even though I knew the Ottawa/Buffalo games could all be great. Getting stuck in LA didn't help (impossible to find hockey on the tube down there, even with Anaheim going deep), but it's just hard to watch TV when it's nice outside.

Go Sens, indeed. It really looks like they should win it all this year. Wouldn't that be something?

Jeremy said...

"I'd be interested to know if the rest of Canada is starting to get behind the only Canadian team left."

I don't know if it's an east-west-split thing, but there seems to be mostly indifference. As I'm sure you remember from Jets' games back in the day, many older folks in the west are Leafs/Habs fans as well, and Ottawa just isn't on their radar. That said, there's no apparent animosity either -- if the Leafs were in the finals, all the non-Leafs-fans would be actively watching and cheering against them.

Personally, I had no trouble rallying behind the Oiler's run last year, but I don't think it was a "last Canadian team" thing, because the year before I couldn't care less about Calgary going deep. I just couldn't like them.

Ottawa's fun to watch and easy to like -- they've also got a great story, I think. Here's hoping they go all the way.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with patriotism. Ottawa has been my team in the playoffs for the last ten years or so. The only reason I place any support beind the Ducks is they are both my pre-season cup pick and my playoff pool cup pick. The only reason I place(d) any support behind the Sabres is at least 6 of my 14 player in same pool were from that team. In other words, it's all about the need to be right and puff my chest out (over my gut, hopefully).

Last year, the choice was between the Oilers and Carolina. I liked the Oilers more than the Canes, and cheered for them. Nothing to do with patriotism.

The year prior, the choice was between the Flames and Tampa. I liked Tampa more than the Flames, and cheered for them. Obviously, no patriotism there either.

I'm not sure I have a great explanation, but simply cheering for a team because they are located on this side of a line determined by land surveyors 200 years ago doesn't do it for me.

Other than the Jets (even saying their name at this time of year brings back the heartache of another playoff failure), the teams I pulled for most growing up(other than the Canadiens before I was able to purge the CBC's brainwashing from my soul) were the Bruins and Flyers. I hated all the other CDN teams, except maybe the Nordiques.

Tough to like the Bruins now, considering how management treats their fans. Trading Joe Thornton for a used puck bag and a roll of tape is hardly the first time this team has behaved so badly. And it may be impossible to ever cheer for the Flyers again with Bobby Clarke there. That may be the only team in sports where, if you get diagnosed with cancer, they will immediately have a fundraiser for you so they can buy you a bus ticket out of town. This guy is just a bad human being.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, go Sens.

Jeremy said...

Sounds like we're agreeing again, Plett. Now that Vancouver's playoff hopes are a distant memory, it seems like we've run out of points of disagreement. And I can vouch for for your long-time support for Ottawa -- no bandwagon-jumping accusations there. I've always liked them, but haven't really paid enough attention to be considered a real fan.