Thursday, May 17, 2007

LA (again)

I've never been grouchier about a trip than I was last Sunday. I was missing Tannis and the girls worse than ever within a couple of hours, I got worked over by U.S. Immigration (making me feel like an illegal alien), forgot the powercord for my laptop, which makes it useless within a pathetic hour of battery life, and forgot to arrange to meet friends in Vancouver during a lengthy stopover. Then the cabby cussed me out in LA when I gave him my credit card and made me go get cash from the hotel lobby. I was fully foul by the time I got into my room, and couldn't even work or mess around online to mellow out.

After talking to Tan on the phone and saying goodnight to the girls, I was fine. I picked up sushi and a big Fat Tire Ale to savour while I watched Return of the King on TBS. Work was good (sharing Don's extra batteries), with three days of mostly meetings. I snuck out early Tuesday morning and rode down to Venice Beach in 45 minutes for a smoothie before turning around and riding to the office to start work. I stopped to snap a few photos on the ride: surfers waiting and catching a wimpy wave, beach cruiser, tropical flowers, flying pelicans, watching herons, and some typical garbage in the "creek". We had a contingent from the Kelowna office and enjoyed a real Italian feast that night with them -- good people, fun and smart.

The next night we went bowling at some upscale lanes in Hollywood with the whole Xap crew. They were totally into it, cheering strikes and gutterballs with nearly equal enthusiasm. The open bar helped, I think. I tried to channel the spirit of Len, my old bowling persona, but my first game truly stank. I don't think I got a single spare, never mind a strike. But my fortunes appeared to change going into Game 2, opening with two strikes, then a spare. Unfortunately, we will never know how great it might have turned out, because we ran out of time in the fourth frame.

Dessert at an Oprah-approved (and pretty hip) bakery called Doughboys with a smaller group from Xap. Nice mellow vibe and some good laughs. Now I'm watching out the window as Air Canada flies me over Crater Lake, Portland and the Gorge. It's good to be going home.


Anonymous said...

Len? Is that you?'s been ages. I haven't heard from you since the days you were decimating pins down at the Polo Park inn. Are you still running for the border, and getting post-game "taco hell" as well? Hey, did you keep my best pair of polyester pants..just wondering.


Jeremy said...

Merle! Our polyester pants are likely taking up space in landfills somewhere, refusing to decompose for the next thousand years. There was no "running for the border" at these lanes -- upscale menu, $6 microbrew and comfy couches. Fun, though...and I did reminisce about the old bowling scene at Polo Park.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Roy around?

Jeremy said...

No Roy, although I did witness a couple of Marksman-like shots to take out single pins.