Thursday, July 12, 2007

31 Degrees at 10pm

So it's been dusky and darkening for an hour or so, but it has barely cooled off. Not a hint of a breeze. Bill's window-unit A/C in the living room is the only reason the kids were able to fall asleep tonight. Still, pretty nice evening for sipping wine on the patio.

Yesterday I started work early so we could hit Sunoka by 4pm, and we've been bringing sandwiches so we don't have to come back into town. By 8:30, I was hacking around on the ice, playing hockey for the second time this week with a bunch of Summerland locals -- felt super weird to be wearing shorts and flip-flops and carrying hockey gear into the arena. I jumped in the lake afterwards...gotta love a swim in the dark. Myron and Blair came over for a few beers later and savoured the hot summer night until 1am.

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