Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Break in the Heat

Cooler and rainy and foggy today, which is a nice change from the blast of heat we've had since the beginning of the month. Great for riding, as the trails have perfect traction and it's still warm enough that getting soaked was fine on my lunchtime ride. Larry and Pearl got here on Sunday, a couple of days earlier than planned -- we had predicted that the hot weather would end as soon as they arrived, as usual. Luckily it's a longer visit this time, so they're bound to get some beaching in later. They've got the camper in cozy shape and it's great having them here.

Update: (July 25) Larry and Pearl are back from Vancouver and had a good visit with Mark. It's back to beach weather and the girls have been helping out with various projects. Larry's already starting on rafters for the new playhouse.


Anonymous said...

Jer, it's great being out here in spite of rain & cool. After all, it's what we expected!! Hope you're right though about warmer air being on the way. Vancouver's pretty wet too. See you soon. Pearl

Jeremy said...

Yup, warmer on the way -- check out the summery forecast. We'll probably be wishing for cooler and wetter again by the end of next week.