Sunday, July 29, 2007

July's Soundtrack

Listening to:
  • Explosions In the Sky -- The Rescue The band offers mp3s of the entire album for free, and it's amazing -- lush, mellow instrumental joy.
  • Tegan and Sara -- The Con It's as good as (maybe better than?) So Jealous, which I adored. We've been listening to a pre-release version for a few weeks already, but this is one I also purchased when it was released last week. We got tickets to their autumn show in Kelowna too.
  • The new album from Interpol (click into VIDEO, then check out the vid for "The Heinrich Maneuver") is good listenin'...regular rotation in my brain. Some older stuff here if you're curious.
  • The Handsome Furs wouldn't be for everyone -- the loose, raw indie-ish vibe takes some getting used to, but if you liked Wolf Parade, you'll likely love this. Same singer, but more accessible.
  • In the car we've been listening to a rootsy mix I made...mid-tempo songs with banjos and steel guitar providing a country-ish feel. Some Weakerthans, The Constantines, Frank Black and other favourites from more obscure bands.


Jason said...

I wanted to like T&S's new album at least half as much as I loved "So Jealous", but I don't. I don't like it at all. SJ was such an excellent album, every song a hit (in my mind), but this album is so different. I suppose SJ was a lot different than their previous work, also, so this should have been expected.

Jeremy said...

Not warming up to it, eh? If I had elaborated more, I would have said that I like 7-8 songs as much as anything I liked on So Jealous, but that it doesn't hang together as an album as well because of an equal number of songs I don't much like...including a few total duds. So I see your point, I think...

Jason said...

I will admit that I've only listened through the whole thing once, and bits and pieces a couple times. I just can't get into it. I put it on my iPod today, so maybe tomorrow I'll try and give it a listen while at work.

PS. Nick saw T&S in Vancouver and said they sucked super hard - live. I may have told you that before.

Jeremy said...

One listen? I bet you'll come around to it somewhat. It might be a good sign that you didn't love it right away -- it could grow on you. It's not as rockin' as So Jealous...the production seems poppier. More mellow songs, too.

Pay closer attention to Floorplan, Nineteen, Back in Your Head and Call it Off...maybe even Dark Come Soon, The Con and Burn Your Life Down. If you focus on weaker songs like Relieve Next to Me, I Was Married, or Like O, Like H you'll probably hate the album forever.

I have heard that they're not great live, but I figured the tickets are relatively cheap, it's a nice venue and I like most of their music...worth a gamble. You weren't tempted?

Jason said...

I gave it a bit of a go yesterday and ended up FFing through songs like crazy. :( The one thing I did notice is that everything I heard seemed to be about breaking up. Can't those girls find any girls and be happy for a while?

You know what, Jer... I totally forgot about the concert. I don't know when you told me, but I may have had a lot of other crap on my mind because when you wrote that you were going something in the back of my brain kinda went, 'oh yeah, they're playing, aren't they'. I think I might've gone. As bad as I think this album is I'd still go see them play for the rest of their music (although they'll probably play mostly the new stuff to try to promote it).

Jeremy said...

Still tickets available for Sept.23 @ $30, which isn't cheap, but probably worth it. I'm thinking they'll play a lot of So Jealous, but who knows? With any show, you always take the so-so songs along with the favourites.

Seriously, put those songs I mentioned into a mix with other songs in that genre you like...maybe even mixed in with the mid-tempo stuff from So Jealous...and I think you'll probably like it. It's not that different from the older stuff.

Jason said...

K. I made a playlist called "Jer Recommends" in iTunes with those songs (it only left 5 songs off from the album). I'll try to listen to it today and report back.

Jeremy said...

I'm anticipating your next comment: "Jer, your taste in music sucks. Those are the worst songs on a terrible album."

Oh well. I'm surprised we didn't have the same take on this one, since you introduced me to So Jealous and we both loved it. Maybe we liked it for different reasons.

Garth said...

I'm still digesting T&S's new album...musically it's got me - I love the deathcab production on it but I'm still not sure on the almost seems I have to be in the right mood to like them.

Explosions In The Sky is definitely one of my favorite instrumental bands along with Sigur Ros but I really like the new Album Leaf EP - worth d/l ing from my perspective.

I'm working on my August playlist - have you guys heard the new Silverchair? Love to hear some reactions - totally different sound and the classic fans are hating their guts right now for the change!

Jason said...

Nope, haven't heard the new Silverchair. Is it all growed up? Softer, less low-end? I might have to check it out. I saw them in concert when their first album hit, but the latter albums kinda sucked.