Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Action Packed Pletts

This trio descended on Summerland this weekend. I had just returned from yet another LA trip (a good one, but I didn't take any photos for proof) and took Friday and Tuesday off to make for a looong weekend. It's a big weekend for us most years anyway, with Ivy's birthday (6!) the day before our anniversary (11!), and that whole Canada's birthday thing. But yeah, the Pletts were out, so that was good. Selected snippets:
  • They got into town Friday evening. Plett went to bed early. Look for a pattern.
  • Saturday night's party here with the Pletts, Duecks and my parents -- we celebrated Ivy's birthday, brought in fish 'n chips so we didn't have to cook, and just hung out. Despite staying with us that night, RP went to bed well before Ivy did, dashing my hopes of a late-night boys'-beer-'n-BS session on the patio.
  • Breakfast at the Elite with them and the Duecks. The restaurant isn't all that elite, but the food is consistently good and the decor is perfection. The kids were all remarkably well behaved. James just smiles -- super happy.
  • On Sunday afternoon we (and my parents, and the Pletts) joined most of my Aunt Lucille's crew at Sunoka for a family bbq, including cousin Jason (and clan), Mel/Andy and their kids, whom I had never met. The weather wasn't super beachy, but it was fun anyway -- good food, good company. Plett went to bed early.
  • Monday found us back at the beach in the afternoon and the Pletts wandering the South Okanagan trying to find us (LEFT AT THE GAS STATION!). This wasn't actually a highlight, but it lets me make fun of Plett's navigational foibles. Plett managed to stay awake until nearly 10pm, so we almost got to drink beer after dark.
  • Tuesday night was the most fun I had all week. Myron and Tracey cooked up a serious feast for all of us, many bottles of wine were consumed, and it was the perfect hot summer evening for a bonfire. After Plett jammed out early again, we sullied his name with unkind epithets for 45 minutes before viewing his rented Jetta turning back into the driveway. He returneth! Redemption! I had to apologize for the character assassination and finally got to revel in three hours of the old Plett aura.
Update: Heather posted a bit about the trip as well, and avoided making fun of us. I could probably learn something from that approach.


Anonymous said...

Yawn! Huh? What'd I miss?

Jeremy said...

You probably missed the flight home if you were as sleepy as I was Wednesday morning. That staying up late thing is brutal.

Heather said...

Well, just because I had to take James back to the Motel didn't mean I got any sleep either! He woke up 5 minutes after Ryan left, and finally fell asleep in his carseat 10 minutes before he got back! It was nuts, hence the reason I was a little zoned out on Wednesday morning when we came by. Sorry about that!

Heather said...

Oh, and I contemplated making fun of you (and your millions of little "boxes" in your brain for all those people from the past, Myron's son throwing things over the hedge, etc...), but chose not to. Mostly because I actually really enjoyed all the company, and the laughs were great. I will never forget how cute it looked when you came out the back door with nappy-head James in tow, and how hard he laughed at you making slap shots with the pine cones. Priceless.

Jeremy said...

HA did seem a bit sullen that next morning. No wonder. Sleep deprivation does bad things to all of us.

Yeah, it was good times...and there were plenty of things you could have mocked us for.