Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Foot

We so love every little part of this guy. I mean, seriously; how could you not love those tiny feet? He actually slept pretty well last night for the first time. Considering that he slept all day today, we're not optimistic about a repeat performance tonight, but so it goes.

Great day today, started off by loading up on goodies at the farmer's market in town, then lounging and reading most of the day. I'm SO not working and so keenly aware of it. We hit Sunoka beach through the late afternoon and evening, then back here to munch popcorn and watch a bit of Castle in the Sky.


Anonymous said...

What a sweetie!

Teri said...

Ezra is beautiful! (of course you already know that :) ).

Rob said...

Jeremy and Tannis
I am such a putz and have been out of contact
As all your children - another knockout

Best wishes Rob

Jeremy said...

Nah, you're not a putz, Rob. Thanks for the kind words.