Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I only took this one measly photo from Milt and Carla's visits on the weekend, but I do like it -- look at that enthusiasm! Milt is one of those people who gets so stoked on life, living at full throttle as much as he can.

We got to do a couple of rides around here (with lots of time for talking), hung out at the beach and had a late night to chat at my parents' place. He even restocked me on FXR gloves. Kinda nice that the baby didn't crash this party -- allowed us the time and energy to really reconnect with old friends.


Angelo said...

Love those FXR gloves! Mine finally packed it in after five years of riding. Bought a pair of Pearl Izumis recently that fell apart after only six months.

Jeremy said...

They're great, aren't they? Mine must have been five seasons old too, but I had finally blown out the fingertips. I was serious about being restocked -- perhaps we can arrange a nice baby gift for the new dad.

Angelo said...

That would be SWEEEET!