Friday, August 10, 2007

Farewell Friesens

We just said goodbye to Larry and Pearl as they headed back east, after one last Tim Horton's session with the whole gang. It was a great visit, much better (for me, anyway) than the usual week-long stay -- with four weeks to play with, there wasn't that sense of having to cram in the quality time and we could all find a better rhythm. Helps that they're gracious guests and did most of our dishes for nearly a month (never mind laundry, keeping the girls busy and...the list continues).

They fell in love with Ezra, of course: Larry snuggled him when he wasn't working on the amazing playhouse or at the beach, and Pearl held him whenever she could. The camper suite seemed to work ok, so hopefully we can lure them back again soon.


Teri said...

wow - that is one awesome playhouse! i know the kids will absolutely love it!

Nicole & Shane said...

That is a a beautiful picture of Pearl with Ezra and that playhouse - so fun to have been able to "see" (via pictures on both your blog and Tannis') it go up in a few different stages.

Anonymous said...

I see Larry used the typical restraint of a Grandparent. Is the floor marble tile?

Very nice.


Jeremy said...

No, we drew the line at marble tile. However, he did put in a sweet little loft inside (with a door out to the deck), and a nifty fold-away table. It's really too cool.

Anonymous said...

Wow unbelievable playhouse, given the inflated house prices in the Okanagan Valley, you'd likely could get around $1000,000.00 for it.
Congratulations to the new addition to the family as well, did you get him an off-road motorcycle yet or a pair of skates?