Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Singletrack Soul Surfer

What you do when you see this kind of rig pulling into your driveway? You go riding, of course. Kindred spirit and cousin-uncle Dan Reimer showed up in the Okanagan this week, all the way from Whitehorse, and we got to rip it up on our bikes (a shared passion) after not seeing each other for way too many years. The guy's almost 15 years older than me, but totally schooled me on the climbs, dragging my sorry ass and my Stinky beast up long, punishing grunts like McDougal Rim. I loved it, of course. He's a philosopher, a bike buddha, a singletrack soul surfer and someone I wish I could see all the time.


Angelo said...

Sounds like good times. Wish I woulda been there.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, thought of you, of these were the same rides we do when you come out to singletrack-soul-surf. You'd totally love Dan too.