Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome Imogene

Angelo and Esther welcomed Imogene Finch to their world this week. She's precious, of course. And lucky her, arriving into their family -- what a trio they must be. I raise my glass to this beloved daughter of dearest friends.

P.S. Birthdays within four days won't necessarily unite Ezra and Imogene as kindred spirits later in life, but that is my secret hope.

P.P.S. Little Imogene also has the best punk-rock birthday around, showing up on the date immortalized by NOFX in my favourite song of theirs. Somehow you just know this kid is going to be too cool for school. I thought the last few lines might have captured a bit of how Esther was feeling toward the end of the pregnancy, it's good fun either way:
August 8th

the air is sweet, the summer flowers bloomin'
nowhere in sight is there anything grey
feelings of joy are filling the street
yeah, August 8th is beautiful day

like waking up from a f*cked up dream,
suddenly everything's looking good
there's been no permanent damage done
yeah, August 8th came right when it should


tfoxfan said...

Thanks for all the love, Jer. I know Ezra and Imogene will be fast friends - unreal that they will be growing up together, carrying on with you and Angelo's path.

I don't know that song - the words you posted are brilliant and certainly reflective of my headspace in those last days before she arrived. I'll look for it.

Tannis said...

It's so hard to giggle out loud, type and hold a baby at the same time. Those lyrics (cursing and all) are priceless.

Kaili said...

Beautiful baby! So nice to have friends with a Baby Ezra's SAME age, so cute!

Jaia and I were in the car, I was pulling out, the car felt weird, I got out to look at the tires, and I had a flat tire! Oh man! I called Robin, even though he didn't have anyway of getting I still called him, cause that is what you do when faced with a dilema: call your husband! So when I talked to him, he said, "Tannis, Jeremy and their children are here". I said, "are you kidding me? The morning I am up and about and ready to go down to the Bean to get a drink, they are their and I have a flat!!" Oh well.
I don't want to bug you guys, I know how precious and sacred the first little bit is when you have a newborn. Enjoy it and well bug ya later! Say hi to Tannis for me, my internest friends whom I've never met!

Nicole & Shane said...

Fun Fact: The best song on the Last Kiss soundtrack (excellent movie starring Zach Braff ... soundtrack picked out by him much like that of Garden State) is by Imogene Heap. Let the good times roll.

Angelo said...

That just brought tears to my eyes... yes, I'm wrecked.

Jason said...

Ummmm... That song is about how happy Fat Mike was when he found out that Jerry Garcia was dead. He's laughing at the hippies who were crying over the death of their favourite artist... Later he admitted that he was so stoned when he wrote the song that he messed up the date and didn't realise it should have been Aug 9th, the actual day Garcia died.

Not sure that's a song you want to dedicate to a new baby.

Jeremy said...

Dude, relax. I couldn't really care less about any Grateful Dead or why these guys wrote the song -- it's one of my favourites and I thought it was cool she was born on the day in the title. August 8th came right when it should...not so much a dedication as a neat coincidence and some funny lyrics that fit.

Jason said...


Jeremy said...

Esther, agreed with your hopeful prediction...that would be too cool.

The song is a silly, sorta sarcastic, four-chord pop-punk ditty...perhaps not your usual taste, but I'll send it to you if you want.

Jeremy said...

Hey Kaili, sorry fate intervened. Next time let's set it up properly...e-mail or call any time. Newborn time is precious, but keep in mind that this is the third time around for us...we're getting up to speed really quickly.

Jeremy said...

Hey Nicole, I've also been a fan of Frou Frou and Imogen Heap for a while. Her cover of "Holding Out For a Hero" on the Shrek2 soundtrack is one of our girls' most-loved dance songs. Little different spelling on the name, but both are supercool.

Our introduction to a pop-culture Imogene came through a favourite book around here: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. That Imogene is a sort of anti-heroine, but steals the show in the end. Classic...

Jeremy said...

Joe, I think it's great that you're wrecked. In a good way.