Thursday, September 06, 2007

Schoolgirl Ivy: Part 2

Last year at about this time, we sent Ivy out into the world of Kindergarten. Now she's starting Grade 1 with more confidence. Last week, they did an odd mixed-grade group project while they sorted out the classes, but today she finally got into her actual class. Her teacher is Mrs. Hopkins, a long-time Trout Creek Elementary teacher with a stellar reputation, and many of her friends are in the class as well (her main concern). Like last year, I asked her what she what she was expecting out of the first day of school:

We're so proud of our big girl -- apparently she read a book out loud to the whole class on the first day. Why, oh why, did I not hover at the back of the room all day with a video camera?


Nicole & Shane said...

I love that this takes the obligatory first day of school picture to a whole new level! Seriously can't believe a whole year has passed.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, hard to imagine having 13 of these little 30-second videos lined up when she graduates from high school. Yikes...I think that just broke my brain.