Monday, September 24, 2007

Tegan and Sara

The Okanagan doesn't often get really cool bands, despite it being an easy stop between Vancouver and when I found out that Tegan and Sara were playing in Kelowna, I snapped up a couple of tickets before they sold out. My folks watched all THREE kids so Tannis and I could have a date, and what a great date it was.

First of all, some history. I think it was Jason who recommended So Jealous after I was stoked on a couple of songs of theirs early in 2005. An excellent recommendation, and I couldn't believe that they weren't superstars with the strength of that album, a great look, a great story (indie rock twin sisters, etc). Nick was a fan as well, but said they sucked in concert when he saw them, which set my expectations low for this show -- I figured they were more of a studio band or whatever, and never bothered to watch videos or listen to tracks from their live shows. Then when The Con came out, I was pretty amped on five or six songs, but J pointed out that the album as a whole didn't hang together very well and I realized that I really strongly disliked five or six of the new songs.

Well, was I ever surprised by this show. Picture your favourite singer, then clone him or her so that the clone can sing perfect backup harmonies throughout every song. Their singing was SO good, and the music so very tight and smart. Great venue, full of adoring fans, and we were right in the middle in the seventh row. Most of the songs are so short that they must have played at least 25, maybe more. The stuff off So Jealous rocked, and they played a few older songs, but the focus was on the new album. Every song from The Con was super tight and intense -- I even enjoyed the songs I didn't like on the album...and LOVED the best songs.


tfoxfan said...

I'm just so impressed that you and Tan got out. Way to go! I know you were really looking forward to this show.

Jim said...

Mel and I really enjoyed it as well. They're pretty damn good. :)

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Esther -- you probably have a new appreciation for how nice it was sans kids. We were so happy to get out on our own for a bit. Even snuck over to Rose's Pub for a beer beforehand.

Jeremy said...

It was cool to see you guys there, Jim -- wish we could have stuck around later to hang out a bit. Glad you enjoyed the show...good thing I pestered Mel about it a couple of months ago.