Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I know I've been neglecting this space, but I couldn't let the day pass without a short tribute to our beloved Ella on her fourth birthday. We can't believe how she's changing, and how her true nature is emerging.

She's an angelic free spirit,
sprinting into the future and rarely slowing down. The pace keeps accelerating -- from the tricycle in April to the run-bike all summer, then pedaling off on her new birthday bike as if it's no big deal this week (video to come). Going from little sister to big sister didn't seem to bother her a bit. One year ago she seemed like such a little girl, but not this year.

Happy birthday Ella Pearl,
beautiful girl
in a big wide world.

Update: Here's the video of Ella riding her new bike on her birthday:


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ella! We love you!

Heather on behalf of the rest of the Plett family.

Nicole and Shane said...

Mom is visiting Calgary this week and we both just saw this post and gave the biggest Hilderbrand "Ohhhhhh". Can't you just hear us now. She is a true beauty that little miss Ella is and we wish her the happiest birthday ever!

Ang said...

Beautiful blog about beautiful girlie.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little gem, that Ella Pearl. Enjoyed thte memories going back over her birthdays. Great picture on Flikr of Ezra integrated into bedtime ritual of reading! Mama Pearl

Garth said...

Great post of celebrating family! How's the fall riding going for ya? Your blog has been a little inactive as of late, so that either means you are full on focusing on family & riding or you got into a mess of work - I'm hoping for the first two! Take care!

Jeremy said...

Thanks all. I did pass along the birthday wishes at some point. And yes, I can totally hear that Hildebrand gushing, Nicole...Hildebrands are such melodramatic admirers, which is a wonderful trait.

Garth, I'm still on leave for a couple of months yet, so thankfully work hasn't been the issue. Fall riding has been excellent, although I've been doing more frequent shorter rides rather than the longer adventures. They seem to fit better into the week with bigger family and more demands.