Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Just a few quick shots of the little guy:
  • Hanging out with Mom and Grandma Pearl -- GP's been his full-time buddy this week, freeing up Daddy to sit here uploading photos and listening to music.
  • This one is a lot like the other one shown here, but really shows off those chubby cheeks and crazy-blue eyes....just like his sisters, apparently.
  • Who made who? Who made you? Check out the rockin' duds, received from rockin' friends.


Anonymous said...

James had that same sleeper at a similar age - it was one of my favourites.

Jeremy said...

I keep thinking how much Ezra looks like James when he's smiling and happy...with the identical sleeper, that resemblance would be crazy.

Ang said...

LOVE the b&w! Emily and I were going through your flicker stuff and she was floored with me. The recent apples in the snow pic was probably our mutual fave.

Jeremy said...

You think he's sufficiently rockin' for that fashion statement? Thanks for the photo-kudos -- I really liked the apples in the snow too. We got some serious weather weirdness this week, though...several days with highs like +13 and +11, so no more snow.

Anonymous said...

Loved hanging out Ezra and his fun sisters. Mind you my arms grew an inch or two from carrying him around, chubby baby that he is. What a total sweetie. Mama Pearl