Saturday, December 22, 2007

December Vignettes

I should have lots of time to post occasional tidbits here as my parental leave wraps up -- I mean, a guy with no job should be able to fit these things in. I've got a bunch of photos to upload and a bunch already in Flickr that I haven't posted here...but here is a minute and a half of video clips from our last couple weeks. Prepare to be dazzled by the intense action of: Ivy reading to her siblings, Tannis throwing it down on the lanes, Ezra waking up angry, Ella striding hard on skates, Ivy's Christmas concert, three siblings frolicking...yes, better make some popcorn for this film extravaganza.

A few notes about December, many of which don't show up in the photos or videos:
  • Despite some remaining snow, the trails were rideable again this week -- felt good to be out there spinning pedals after I had already played some noon-hour hockey a couple of days before.
  • We were hosted for wonderful pre-Christmas parties at Lorne and Nada's, Liz and Richard's, and Myron and Tracey's -- feeling lucky to have great friends here in town who are so generous with us even when we're not hosting them very much.
  • Ivy had a terrible week a couple of weeks ago -- intimidated by her substitute teachers (beloved Mrs. Hopkins was sick all week), no fun at the dentist, and just feeling blah. This week, she was thankfully back on track. Christmas parties for her school, skating club and gifted class went really well, which certainly helped.
  • My staff party was fun this year...a feast and wine at Summerhill Winery, followed by local comedian Herb Dixon, who had us howling. Thanks to mom and dad for watching all the kids yet again...which reminds me that Pearl watched the kids when Tannis and I had a decadent date at The Cellar Door Bistro earlier on. Gooood livin'.


Lesa said...

You are my personal hero. Here's why:
a) you used the word vignette
b) you live in a place where staff parties can be at a winery
c) you're such a great blogger

Keep 'em coming. Merry Christmas, Jer.

Kaili said...

That video clip is arorable. Ivy can read SO good!! Your kids are WAY too cute for words!!!
Merry Christmas!!

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Lesa...and for the pre-Christmas chat as well. Always a pleasure. Happy new year!

Jeremy said...

Thanks Kaili...aren't all kids super cute, though? Of course we think OURS are, but you know...

Happy new year -- hope to see you guys soon.