Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Snow Job

If forced to generalize, I'd say we had a colder fall than we're used to, punctuated by fewer glorious days where you forget that winter is just around the corner. The end of November was cold enough that I was freezing my toes and fingers on most rides, and then last week we got a few good dumps of snow that ended the riding season. Myron and I did some good work on his incredible backyard rink, packing and leveling snow inside the boards to make a good solid base to flood over.

Got a few snowy photos around the yard: Ella pulling the sled, snow-capped apples in the orchard, sunflowers and vines...but then this week, it turned freaky warm with highs in the low teens. Goodbye snow and backyard rinks, hello mountain bike trails. Not sure how long it will last, but it's a nice little reprieve from the inevitable.

Update on Dec.9: After three wonderful rides in four days this week, we woke up to snow and -5 again, so maybe winter's back for a while.

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