Saturday, January 05, 2008


Oh, this middle child of ours...she's smart as a whip, but silly and whimsical; game for anything but with a strong stubborn streak. She keeps us guessing and laughing, and keeps her brother company better than any of us. A quick photo tribute from the last while:

Eating: Mac 'n cheese, raw cauliflower with creamy cucumber dressing
Playing: Dominoes
Spelling: (see below)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jer. We love the posts on all 3 of the kids. It was great to connect over the holidays, and get to know each of them better. Ella is fantastic at sounding out her words! Pearl

Jeremy said...

Glad you liked the posts, Pearl...I thought you might. Later I wondered whether I was feeling overly sentimental about the kids while recovering from my vasectomy, maybe realizing the heavy-duty implications.

And yes, Spella Ella is doing amazing with her words, filling sheets of paper with her practicing this week. We're so proud of her.