Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lil' Chub

Time for another little update on Ezra Milagro. He's recovering nicely from the crankiness and misery of his trip cold -- we felt like we got our old Ezzie back the last couple of days, with lots of smiles and times where he entertains himself without constant intervention. He loves being entertained by his big sisters, being carried in the "octopus" and getting outside...he's least happy when there's no action around him or when he's not in motion, it seems. Short naps lately, fussy eating, and mostly decent nights. A few recent photos of the little dude:

Eating: breast milk only, wishing for everything else
Diapers: at least 15 cloth per day, plus a few disposables
Sleep: Never enough


Anonymous said...

HaHa that photo of Ezra is too cool, the boy king, child philospher, directing decisions...finally got online here on a modern laptop and saw the video posts for some belated xmas clips...I get stoked to see how stoked Ivy gets about stuff, and it looks like Ella on the skates? In any case the furious blade action reminds of U.Dave's "sprint" swimming style... Y'all have some cool kids! Ryan

Jeremy said...

Hey, thanks for the comment, bro. Indeed, Ella's furious blades are about as effective as U.Dave's legendary thrashing, although she's starting to get the hang of a more moderate approach to her stride. And yes, Ezra does direct more than his share of the decisions around here.