Sunday, January 27, 2008


Nothing too new to report on Ezra. Oh, except his first tooth came through, and he's spending most of his time sitting now. He was all stoked on rice cereal last week...this week he totally rejected solids of any kind. Tannis felt cheesy about taking this posed photo, but I liked it for pure cuteness.

I know that I overdo the positive reports on the kids in this space, making a six-month-old baby sound like a full-time bundle of joy, but seriously...he's a terrible roommate. Awful. Wakes us up constantly, moans and complains, makes unceasing demands for food (then refuses to eat), requires immediate attention always (which works for 20 seconds, if that) and refuses to go to sleep when he's tired. This all another way of saying that...he's a baby. Probably a pretty normal one, too, but sometimes even dads need to whine and complain.

We often say, "it's a good thing he's cute", and it certainly is true. Of course he has lots of good times too, and has us laughing out loud every day. Here are a few quick video clips, mostly for Grandma Pearl, who's missing this little guy more than most:

Update: And how about a few new photos of the Ez?


tfoxfan said...

You should have heard me rant at 4 this morning when Jo came in the living room, where me and IF were AWAKE for the past hour, when he offered to spell me off. Man, I was a hag. Who's the shit roomate now?

Anyway, I know it's supernasty to sleep with a babe when they're just not into it although waking up beside a happy babe or a sleeping cutie is just so great. Argh - always a dilemma. I was actually going to email you one word today, that being: relentless.

Such wisdom.

Glad to hear we're not the only ones kicked in the head with sleeplessness. Great allies, we are in this crazybeautiful adventure of parenting..

Jeremy said...

HA haha...oh, it's so helpful to hear this commiseration. And yes, relentless is the word of the month around here too. You just don't really get a break, ever.

Some very unkind things get spoken in the dark of our house almost every night...perhaps I need some anger if he's doing it on purpose to antagonize me...sigh.

Kaili said...

That's hilarious, we always use to say that about Jaia, "It's a good thing your cute, child!" Haha!
We had a bunch of crappy nights around here lately, we were SO grumpy, it was nuts! I hope things get better soon. And I like the picture of Ezra, it doesn't look posed so no worries.
We should all get togther some day soon for dinner or somthing....

Jeremy said...

Glad to hear we aren't the only ones, Kaili. It's been a bit of grumpy month for us, although we've had some really good times too. Sleep deprivation seems to make everything more volatile.

And yes, dinner would be great. We'll have you guys over soon.