Friday, January 25, 2008


Ivy had a cool artistic experience this week. A couple of weeks ago she drew a picture of a nixie from the Spiderwick series and sent it to the amazing illustrator, Tony DiTerlizzi. Well, not only did he post her fan art on his blog, he sent her a super-cool package of stuff back in the mail, including a sticker, a personal letter and a hand-drawn sketch of the same nixie on the back. Her eyes were wide like two deep blue pools -- a real artist had thanked her for sending him her work. Talk about inspiring! She immediately went to work on another fantastical creature called a "thicket sprite" from The Care and Feeding of Sprites.

I've also been trying to collect digital copies of our artistic endeavors, and Ivy is by far the most prolific in our clan. This "Gondolope" she drew (and Ella coloured) was inspired by a wonderfully rich book called Uno's Garden -- it really captured her attention in the last couple of weeks.

Update: I just love Ivy's latest: Cinderella Skeleton


tfoxfan said...

That is sooo cool. Congratulations, Ivy Jane! Stay inspired and take on challenges - you can do it.

Yay cool parents for encouraging her. :)

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Esther...I'll pass this along to IJ.