Monday, January 28, 2008

Skate Into 2008

Last weekend I was all gloomy and grouchy, probably because we didn't see anyone or do any fun outside activity (Editor's Note: This is not true -- the gracious Hiebert grandparents watched the entire tribe of kids while we went out to Wild Apple Grill on Friday Night, which was fantastic).

Anyway, this weekend was different. Friday night the Hildebrands joined us for supper and hangin' out. Waffles with pudding for breakfast the next morning, followed by some errands and lunch in Penticton, and then Saturday night most of us went out to Dueck's place for a bonfire and more importantly to try out the new backyard rink Myron and I have been building slowly. Super, super fun and Tracey made us an excellent soup to warm up with later.

On Sunday, we headed out to Vaseux Lake south of Penticton for a lake-skating adventure. It was warm and calm and we discovered a huge, smooth, snow-free section in the middle of the lake. Way too much fun for all of us...well, maybe Ezra wasn't as enamoured, but he was a good sport about it. Then off to Oliver for lunch at the old firehall (Backhand of God on tap!) before returning back to the lake for another round of skating -- Ivy and I couldn't resist, and everyone else waited graciously for our overindulgence. Here are a few quick skating clips, first from Faulder, then Vaseux:

And a few photos (set or slideshow also available):


Develo said...

Nice commentary from Ezra there on the lake skating.

Jeremy said...

ha noticed that, eh? It's loosely translated as:

"ARGHH, get me out of this thing! I'm cold and bored and you stopped moving again!"