Saturday, January 05, 2008


Please forgive some parental gushing for a moment. How could a six-year-old be so very smart, gorgeous and goofy all at once? Ivy keeps throwing curve-balls at us that we didn't think we'd have to deal with until at least junior high -- as scary as that is, it's also wonderful, because she's so engaging and curious and complex. I'm proud of how hard she's worked on the things she found difficult this year, and how I see her becoming a great friend to her buddies and classmates. She seems to be an amazing blend of complementary characteristics: a leader who doesn't bully, a thinker who feels keenly, an artist who analyzes and a social creature who loves her solitude. Who knows what we'll see emerging in this child in 2008?

Eating: Rice and beans with sour cream
Reading: Clarice Bean Spells Trouble, Word Worm Book of Outrageous Fun, Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You
Planning: Halloween costume and birthday party for 2008


Michelle said...

Man , you seem like the world's most fantastic husband and father. Good job Jeremy.

Jeremy said...

Aww, it's just a trick of the blog: only report on the greatness of your life and pretend the bad stuff doesn't's a great exercise in thankfulness, but not particularly representative of an entire life. Thanks anyway, though.