Sunday, January 06, 2008


Ivy and I went for a coffee-shop date before Christmas where we both sat and sketched for an hour, chatting in between and sipping warm drinks. It was a reward for her sticking it out with her skating class when she was finding it frustrating, but I felt equally rewarded -- what fun to draw with a friend, and we both liked what we came up with.

On our Tofino trip we stopped at the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit, and they had a neat participation section at the end, where you could sit and draw some of her common subjects. I was standing there impatiently looking at the clock, trying to hurry the girls along so we could see more of the galleries; then realized that the participation was for me too, so I spent a very happy 15 minutes sketching a cow skull. Made me think that I must make time to do more, just for the process and relaxation of it.

I'm not big on resolutions, but this year over the holidays I've been stewing on creativity, realizing that I need to set some goals if I want to pursue the creative things I enjoy. I know I'm not going to become a full-time artist or musician or writer or photographer right now, but the pursuit itself is important and these things bring me joy. In an attempt at some personal accountability, I'd like to do these things this year:
  • Write and self-publish a book for children with Neil...I know this is a biggie, but it might be the most important
  • Draw once a week, no matter how insignificant or small, and collect the results in one place
  • Play bass at least an hour a week and learn Robin's songs so we can play for people at some point
  • Maybe ease off on the photography a bit, if for no other reason than to free up some time for the pursuits above. It's also a type of creative expression, though, and I wouldn't be able to stop even if I wanted to. Some recent artsier shots: frosty heart, webby moss, Peachland dock, orange VW, forest robot, Trout Creek eagle


Michelle said...

And the man is a talented artist as well!

Jeremy said...

Nah, just exploring. Any high school art class would have a dozen students with more's about process.

Ang said...

That's really amazing work, man.
Very very good!
Loving it, keep it coming.
Steve P.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Steve-o! These chicken-scratchings are hilariously inept beside your work, which deserves an enormous audience -- seriously, it's time to get publishing some of your genius.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you sketching is very relaxing, great passtime too. Unlike you who can do great work in 15 minutes it takes me hours to do a car dashboard or days to do an engine sketch and yeah sadly I just do cars like I don't have enough of working on them all day.

Jeremy said...

Cool, Uncle Jean. Why not draw the things you're passionate about it?