Sunday, February 24, 2008

Catch Up

Not sure if I'm just too lazy to blog these days or what, but I have been taking some photos, so here's a set of random ones from the past two weeks (slideshow here). Unfortunately I immediately forget anything I don't photograph, so although I'd like to record some of those moment now, the memories have already gone missing. These catch-all posts so suck, I realize. Anyway, a few highlights:
  • Lots more fun on the Dueck's backyard rink, both last weekend and this weekend, and an amazing night session on the evening of the eclipse. Sunday morning we met them for breakfast at Tim Horton's before skating -- nice sunny spot and everyone was happy to fuel up.
  • It's been above seasonal temperatures for a couple of weeks, with highs between 5 and 9 degrees, but the snow seems to be taking forever to melt. It's still been too cold at night, I guess. I've been riding my bike again, but the trail conditions are still pretty bad. The girls have been riding their bikes; Ivy shifting from her old classic to a sweet new ride this week.
  • Ezra's been coming into his own the last couple of weeks, sleeping a bit better (or at least more consistently, usually getting the bottle around 2am, then nursing at 4:30ish) and asserting himself. Tannis has cut the dairy from her diet and his eczema is improving. A few recent photos of His Royal Cuteness: not so sure, big tear, jolly jumpin', and getting a ride from Ivy
  • Lots of art going on around here. We stocked up on supplies at Opus in Kelowna last week and dug into them a bit. Tannis has been experimenting with really cool Chinese calligraphy and watercolour styles, even applying them beautifully to the outdoor rink scene. Ella admired Tannis's trees and made a similar attempt; Ivy also gave it a try. I laboured over my first attempt at drawing a more realistic human figure (nudity warning), and didn't hate the result. I was working from a very small photo of this sculpture.
  • Most of the rest of the photos in that set are artsy or scenery shots I took, including a few favourites: shadow sisters, orchard birds, and lakeview orchard.
  • Last weekend Mom made us a feast and we stayed overnight in the Big City. In the morning we explored some old haunts, hitting Mission Creek Park, Opus, the downtown library and the Bohemian Cafe. Felt like a great little mini-vacation.
  • Mom also made these incredible valentines for the girls this year, mailed to them in fancy envelopes with beautiful stamps.
  • Hung out with the Hildebrands a few times; good visits in their hot tub and up here. Finally had Robin, Kaili and Jaia over here for dessert one night. Also, I've been enjoying hooking up with work friends for lunches at Mon Thong when I go into the office (once every couple of weeks, lately). Ivy still has a busier social schedule than I do, though...playdate after playdate, it seems.
  • My mom's Uncle Henry died last week. I didn't know him very well, but I cried and cried when I found out. Just seemed so sad, and I guess I was pondering mortality. I kept playing Night Windows and feeling melancholy. Tannis and I sat with Uncle Henry and Aunt Hilda at a wedding a few years ago and liked them very much. He was one of those real zest-for-life types, and someone you thought should live to be 100. Cousin Nicole had a nice reflective post about it as well.

Update: Forgot to note the nice little trio of Ella photos: hangin' with the alpacas, being chased by her shadow and fooling around on the run-bike because I didn't have time to help her with her "real" bike right at that moment. Also, a rare pair of photos of me looking totally hockey-hoser, and proof that I put the girls straight to work when they think they're going to get to do some fun skating.


Kaili said...

Great photo update! Love the close ups of Ezra with the hat. So cute! His eyes are stunning!

Hey, thanks so much for calling and inviting us today. We would have SO been there.
When we got the message, I had just gotten back from Kelowna. Hadn't sen my guys for more than 24 hours! Yikes!
And Robin had been called into work till 2am, so we were lazin' around. Please don't hesitate to call us.
Also Robin has the next 3 days off so we should all hang out, or you guys should go play pool or something!
Call us when you guys are free and up for hangin'.
Oh and hey thanks for the info on the camera, I went into future shop when I was in K'town and I kinda fell in love with it. I just need to figure out what I want to do now, we'll see...

Jeremy said...

Hey, thanks Kaili. Yeah, would have been good to have you guys join us up there -- it was just me and the girls and we made a roaring fire beside the rink. Super fun, and very warm that by the time we left the ice was getting too soft.

Cool that you liked the S5. I think they're pretty remarkable cameras -- very versatile and they do the right things well. If you're worried about the price, give eBay a S3 (same as S5, but 6MP) in mint shape goes for just over $200.

Yeah, we should hook up this week. We went bowling the other day and I was checking out that pool lounge there...pretty slick.

Michelle said...

Wow, you guys have a busy life. You give me ideas all the time of things to do with my little one. Thank you.

Nikki and Shane said...

That all looks like so much fun! Great pictures as always and the kids are gorgeous!