Thursday, February 28, 2008

Goodbye Winter

It's one of those days when I'm extra thankful for where we live. February has been really warm and sunny, and today is gorgeous. I was thinking of playing noon-hour hockey, but seriously, when my bike's tuned up and the sun is shining, why would I want to be cooped up in a smelly arena?

Also, a big happy birthday to Grandma Pearl today, who's enjoying really warm temperatures and sunshine in the Dominican Republic right now.


Michelle said...

My husband Mountain Bikes too but alas, we live in Saskatchewan so he has months yet before the trails will be rideable.
I did visit Summerland almost 2 years ago and even though I thought that Peace River (where we lived for a short while) was beautiful, I was astounded by the beauty of Summerland. You are lucky to live there to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Now a shorter winter like that would be alright. I had a wonderful birthday on a sunny beach in Sosua with Mark and our friends from home, Bert & Elma. Thanks for your birthday wishes!

Jeremy said...

It is beautiful, yes, but of course there is beauty everywhere. Just different. I remember that sense of waiting for spring when we were growing up on the prairies...just itching all through February and March for the snow to disappear, then waiting weeks for the mud to dry out. The early springs here are a great treat, no question.

Jeremy said...

Pearl, sounds like the ideal birthday celebration -- good for you!