Friday, February 08, 2008

Listening To

  • Boxer by The National; check out the video for Mistaken for Strangers for a slice of audio genius. It's not so very innovative or cutting-edge, but somehow they've captured my imagination.
  • Wintersleep and most of the new Radiohead is amazing, and I've been finding all kinds of cool (and weird) stuff from Magnatune.
  • Borrowed the latest from the Foo Fighters and The New Pornographers from the library -- gave both a couple of listens and haven't warmed up to either. The NP's Challenger has a few brilliant songs (check out an odd video for the best of the bunch), but other stuff I can barely tolerate.
  • Long-time readers already know I'm a big Weakerthans fan, but I just haven't been able to get into their latest album. You can download the free mp3 of "Night Windows" on that page -- one of the best songs they've ever made -- but I guess I should keep trying the rest of the album too.


Angelo said...

The new Radiohead (finally!) has been the soundtrack for my working/waking hours over the last few weeks. Took a day or two to grow on me though. I guess all their albums have.

Jeremy said...

Same here, and same with the Thom Yorke album. First listens were interesting, but I didn't immediately think, "WOW!". Later on, it seeped into my consciousness and stayed.

Garth said...

I hope you guys have checked out the scotch mist video for the radiohead album as well...and wintersleep is great!

Jeremy said...

No, I hadn't seen that -- it's fantastic!

Garth said...

Cool - glad you enjoyed it as well...i "you-tubed" it to my blog ages ago - guess you haven't visited my "tired" blog lately. Been to busy to do much in the way of updates. Hey have you heard of Jose Gonzales? Kind of folky but I think you'd dig it...and you need to check out Sweet Thing - great tune they do is Change of Seasons.

BobbyRisigliano said...

"Tired" Blog I think not. At least you post more than I do? Lots of follow-up on the new Radiohead. Which I agree is simply a delight, and yes I do want them to headline a day at Sasquatch this May! One question? Why didn't they win a Grammy?
One thing Jer did you update this post cause I believe I saw it in a raw form, maybe i'm mistaken?
I had "The National's" album in my top ten last year. Really sounds like Joy Division? You listen to them at all when you were growing up Jer? Figure that's about the age Gap we had. I had never even heard Joy Division until about 2 years ago? They were pure post-new wave '80's no?
Never really got into New Pornographers but i'll check them out. Dido goes for Wintersleep. And I haven't really listened to the new Foo but I guess that won a Grammy?
Shameless Plug for Friend that's in a Band that has an album thaat's halfway decent: Boats! Intercontinental Champion you can buy their stuff on Itunes?

Jeremy said...

No, Richard, I was not so hipster as a teen to be into Joy Division. At the time, we were sadly too fixated on awful hair bands to notice that there was actually good music available. Grunge woke us up somewhat, but even then only to the "mainstream alternative" of the day...I guess it became ok to like the Cure and Depeche Mode, even though they were already old news by then.

Why is Boxer so awesome. It's not even a particularly memorable sound, but something just hangs together with it. Not sure I can totally recommend the New Pornographers, but they do have some great catchy songs, especially some of the older probably know their solo projects better: AC Newman and Neko Case. New Foo is ok, I guess, but nothing special...I'm struggling to find good new rock. Will check out your friend's band, though...thanks for the recommendation.