Saturday, February 23, 2008

New World Order

We stumbled across an amazing exhibition of Bill Featherston's paintings at the Art Gallery of the South Okanagan. Apparently this BC artist is 80 years old and seriously pissed off in a punk-rock sort of stick-it-to-the-man way. The present, past and future depicted in these paintings is dark and intense and bleak, like they'd fit into the angriest issue of Adbusters.

I thought it was incredible, powerful stuff, but Ivy walked into the gallery ahead of me, promptly turned on her heal and marched straight out saying that the paintings made her "feel trapped". She didn't want to go back in either.


Dianne said...

lol - re Ivy feeling trapped. It's serious - I totally respect her viewpoint, but she's so precocious and it reminded me of the time she was 3 or 4 and said she felt "trapped in her own home" (didn't want to return because she'd had a fun sleepover).

Jeremy said...

Isn't she just too much? I could just see that she was looking for something nice, something she immediately liked...but everywhere she looked were these intense, dark images, like she had stumbled into a nightmare. Not like the last time we were there when they could crank the big, colourful balloons up and down...wheeee!

I huddled with her for a minute, and told her that we could look at the pictures as ideas and talk them through, taking the fear out of them and maybe making us think about what the artist was trying to convey -- she gave it a good go, but never warmed up to the pictures themselves.

Dianne said...

6-year-olds, even precocious ones, definitely not the intended audience.

Jeremy said...

Nope, and maybe I shouldn't have forged ahead when it became clear that it wasn't a good match, but I think it actually turned out ok. If nothing else, it was a good experience for her to feel the power art can have.