Tuesday, March 11, 2008

1970 Mini Trail

I've been watching this Honda Mini Trail on eBay for a week or so, but not because I plan to buy it. I just love the nostalgia -- it's pretty much the exact model of mini-bike I had at five years old, except fully restored and looking awesome. I'm also fascinated by the obvious demand for these little wonders, because years ago I dreamed up a vague business plan to collect old Honda mini-bikes, restore or repair them and sell them like this. At the time I wasn't sure whether I could make any money at it, but with a few hours left in the auction, this one looks to be going for close to $3500. It might have been worth about $200 brand new in 1970, and it could now be worth three times as much as the much fancier 2008 model. But guess which one I'd rather have?

Update: Now I want to buy a 1975 MR50, for a much more reasonable price. We had one of these too, and it was one of the coolest mini-bikes ever.


Anonymous said...

Hey, looks interesting. I remember the kids riding a Z50. Nostaliga. We have been (slightly)tempted to get one here in the DR to have wheels to get around on. Looks like buying and restoring is lucrative. Pearl

Jeremy said...

My dad's still got Ryan's old early-mid-80s Z50 ("Rolling Thunder") in the garage -- that would probably be the same era as the one your family had. We thought we might get the girls on it at some point, although I'd rather have them pedaling than burning fossil fuels for fun.

Bet something cheap and small would be perfect in the DR. Maybe not this small, though.

Nikki and Shane said...

You KNOW my dad would be all over the idea of you restoring those bikes. You're right too, there's something incredibly appealing about the look of the older models vs. the new ones.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, that would be the kind of thing he'd get a kick out of, wouldn't he? I've thought my dad should get into it -- he seriously still knows most of the part numbers for the parts that make up a 1970 Mini Trail, and knows how to put them together. Would probably be a fun hobby.

You like the retro look better too, eh? Sort of like the difference between an Electra and a new road bike, maybe.

BobbyRisigliano said...


I totally remember ripping around on mini bikes at your guys' place in Morris back in the day. Not that bike exactly. A little newer. Good times. Mom was terrified, if I recall correctly.

Jeremy said...

ha haha...yeah, she was probably terrified, thinking that her motocrossin' nephews were out to damage her baby boy. Seems to me that we have some old photos of one of those sessions; have to dig those up.