Monday, March 03, 2008

Skating Season Winding Down

With highs of 14 and sunshine forecast for this week, I think it's safe to say that skating season is kinda over. Myron and I played hockey Friday night, but that's probably it for me. I thought I'd throw together a few of the last little video clips as a goodbye to a great skating winter. This medley's got Ella pushing Sloane in the stroller, me messing around on the Dueck rink, bits of Ivy's big skating club finale at the arena, and I think a short clip of Ivy trying out her sweeeet new bike (not skating, I realize, but a symbolic transition into spring).

This evening I went for a great ride on Rattlesnake Mountain and found it to be in excellent condition (aside from the brand-new clear-cut through the middle of the trail half-way in...grrrrr), so let the fun begin.

Oh, and in the clips of Ivy's skating show, she's the one with the helmet. I was the ogre who insisted on safety, not realizing that every other kid in her group was going without one for the show (despite having worn them for every other class). Sigh. Maybe I'm just a tiny bit over-protective. It didn't seem to ruin it for her at least -- she was thrilled with the whole thing.


Nikki and Shane said...

Or maybe if one of those girls had bailed and hurt themselves (god forbid, but if they had) their parents would have wished they'd have been a tiny bit more over-protective.

Jeremy said...

Thank you. That was how I rationalized it after the fact too, but I still felt like an ogre.

Michelle said...

Move out to Saskatchewan and you'll have plenty of ice time left.:) Was that a Blue Jay I heard in the background?

Jeremy said...

Yeah, we've heard that the prairies have had a nasty winter. Friends in Ottawa were talking about a major snow-storm yesterday...we feel like we left winter behind a month ago, so it sounds surreal.

No, not a blue jay, but a songbird of some kind. Robins have been around for a week or two.

Anonymous said...

Nope, you are an ogre. Did Ivy at least play the "but no one else is wearing them!" card?

Silly to make her wear that anyway, since she is clearly the best skater out there.

Give my thanks to whomever picked the FV and the Four Seasons song - better than listening to Barney or whatever kids that age listen to.

Jeremy said...

Yes, I know. And yes, she used that one on Tannis when they were getting ready, but I had already laid down the law the day before, not knowing that everyone else was going helmet-free. Sigh.

And yes, thankfully the music was mostly pretty decent.