Saturday, March 22, 2008


The best Christmas gift any of us got this year was Ella's double-12 domino set. We thought it might be a bit "old" for her, but figured she'd get into it eventually. We were wrong about the timeline -- she's turned into the total domino maven, requesting endless rounds of Mexican Train, and almost always finding takers. She seems to win more than her share of games too, but she's a fantastic sport when she doesn't. When I lose more than two games in a row, I break out the Darth Vader theme song and march around carrying the offending winner upside down, unless it's Tannis -- it's how I model my personal brand of sportsmanship. No cable TV for us this winter, so we did more stuff like dominoes and Cadoo.


Lesa said...

Good for you! That's awesome. Even if it doesn't feel like it, you are probably building some lifelong memories with that little set of dominoes.


Jeremy said...

Yeah, it's been super fun. Not sure about the lifelong memories, but who knows? That's why I took a cheesy photo and put it on the blog.

The downside of no cable is that we're all pop-culture retarded. When people at work talk about Lost, 24, all the Idols and reality shows, I'm hopeless.

Julie said...

I may have told you two before--I've certainly thought it often enough--but I'm so impressed with the way you parent. Some pop culture may come and go (Idols), but Star Wars? Never.

Jeremy said...

HA haha...well said, and thank you. We're just mucking through parenting like everyone else, but I like to think we have more hits than misses.