Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eidse Family Visit

Angelo and Esther and Imogene came to see us this weekend. We kept things on the down-low, spending lots of time just hanging out with the kids and enjoying each other's company. As you can see from the 18 seconds of riveting action footage below, Imogene and Ezra were the center of attention and we got a great kick out of watching them interacting in their own way.

Angelo and I snuck out for a couple of mountain bike rides and consumed some excellent beer he brought, which is a combination made in heaven. We also had a great session in Penticton, going for coffee, then hitting the Hooded Merganser for lunch and taking full advantage of their hotel's pool. Good times, good livin'.


Anonymous said...

Ha - so cute!

Anonymous said...

Utterly cute - love it! Pearl

Jeremy said...

Yeah, the cuteness meter was pretty much maxed. Imogene is a total doll.

tfoxfan said...

At least this time around IF acknowledged Ez. She was so anti-social before! :)

Btw, great picture of we adults swirling around the babes. Typical feeling of busybusy.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, the were at least interested in each other this time, if not overly affectionate. Probably hard for IF to feel much warmth toward a guy who uses the erratic head grab as his introductory move.

I love the swirl of activity around the little ones too.