Thursday, March 06, 2008

Riding and Reading

Our little girl is growing up so fast these days, to the point where "little girl" isn't going to be the appropriate label any longer. She's adapting so well to the big sister role, helping Ezra figure out his world and never begrudging the attention paid to him. With Ivy in school most days, she's had to be very independent and patient, and she's stepped up in a big way.

These two short video clips are from today and yesterday, with the first showing her first independent biking with no help to start or stop. Of course biking is kinda my thing, so parental pride fully bubbles over. The second short clip is her reading a book Ivy had been helping her with. They play school a lot, and Ella is going to have a major head start in fall.


Michelle said...

Way to go Ella! What a great kid.

Anonymous said...

Wow, we are so proud of your biking and reading Ella. It is not so long ago when you were on your running bike. Sounds like Ezra likes it when you read to him. love, Grandma Pearl and Papa Larry

Kaili said...

Wow! I still can't get over Ivy being 6 and reading like she does, INSTEAD of playing at the park! So funny! I sent you guys some shots from the beach.
Ella is so bright and sweet and brilliant! Love seeing kids just starting to bike ride, so freeing!

Jeremy said...

Thanks for tolerating (and explicitly supporting) this type of blatant parental bragging.

It is very freeing for Ella to be able to start and stop and pedal to her heart's content, rather than having to wait for me to help her every time. She's so proud of herself, and rightfully so.

And yes, Ivy is a different kind of kid. She's actually become much better at realizing when she needs some downtime, and when she wants to play more. That day it was right after a busy school day, so she was smart to mellow out with a book. I need to post that great photo you guys took of her all bundled up on the beach.

Anonymous said...

Ella sure could be called Tannis jr.

Parental bragging is always tolerated.

Anonymous said...

oops, always forget.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Plett, and yes, total mini-Tannis.