Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tokyo Police Club

Found a good blog about local live music a few weeks ago, which has so far allowed me discover the awesome shows that I've already missed. Ugh. However, it also helped me find out that Tokyo Police Club is playing The Habitat in May. It's a cool Canadian band I had heard last year and then forgot about, but the upcoming show got me digging into some of their excellent music. Their U.S. label offers the free mp3 for In a Cave, an amazing song from their upcoming album, and the band's got a bunch of videos and songs on their site as well. Worth a listen, for sure.


BobbyRisigliano said...

Saw TPC 4 times last year. Jer they are a riot! So much pent up energy. Take a gander at the keyboardist/Tamborinist when you go see them. It looks like he might break his hand off playing the tamborine.

Jeremy said...

FOUR times? Are they in love with Calgary, or what? Reminds me I need to get tickets.